Faber & De Jager Biokinetics

We are energetic biokineticists that studied at the University of the Free State where we obtained our honours degree. We have a passion for people and a desire to see them grow in all aspects of life. We believe God has called us to love one another, and by rehabilitating people with new, recurring, old injuries, or just strengthening them to improve their activities of daily living is one of the tools we’ve been entrusted with to do so.
As biokineticists we are qualified to rehabilitate orthopedic injuries and metabolic conditions as well as prehabilitate people/athletes to prevent injuries as far as possible from occurring.
Relationships are very important to us at Faber & De Jager Biokinetics therefore, we are walking hand in hand with a variety of health professionals such as; doctors, physiotherapists and dietitians, to ensure we have a holistic picture of our patients’ needs and according to that help get them to where they need to go.

Something About Us

Ian de Jager

I have a great love for the outdoors, anything from the mountains to the sea; hiking, rock climbing or any other open-air activity is my bread and butter. I enjoy sports a lot and on a recreational level partake in all sort of running, cycling and swimming activities.

With the future in mind I would like to further expand our practice and knowledge to be able to offer our patients even more care in their rehabilitation needs.

Pieter Faber

My biggest love is working with people and helping them reach their goals. I have a wide variety of interests with my favourite being sport. With that said I still like playing recreational rugby as well as action netball and any other activity of like kind.

My family and friends are the centre point of my life, and spending time with them is what life is all about for me. In the future I would like to expand our practice so that we could help more people in need of rehabilitation and/or a biokineticists advice.